Lost and Found is a documentation of objects lost and found at sea. In a society where we would sooner discard our broken possessions than fix them, these images tell a story of an invisible existence beyond the landfill. A human story, one of war, of sunken ships and era gone by, each object tells its own story through its physical appearance. Small tell-tale signs can only indicate at what might once have been, whist leaving an air of uncertainty as to their reality: the pistol grip of a flare gun, the broken glass of a ship’s compass or the scratches left on someone’s old lighter. These physical defects and blemishes help narrate an internal monologue of curiosity as to each item’s previous owner. Perhaps the variety of owners, and what they succumbed to in order to lose each object at sea. Through this process an object becomes an artefact of modern history, a product of our curiosity.